Featured Recipe: Grilled Steak Shish Kebabs

This fantastic Kebab recipe comes from Connie Smith of Montrose, SD, just in time for the end of grilling season.


Sirloin, Rib-eye or T-Bone steaks cubed or thick strip

Cherry tomatoes

Whole mushrooms

Green peppers


Wooden or metal skewers

Teriyaki sauce

DIRECTIONS (makes 1 serving)

Marinate cubed or strip of steak in Teriyaki sauce for several hours in refrigerator. Cut green peppers and onions into large enough sections to stay on skewers. Then alternate steak and vegetables on skewers. Place on grill, turning as needed until meat is done. This makes an attractive entree and kids think it’s great. You can make up your skewers ahead of time and store in refrigerator. Serve with a green salad and French bread.